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Welcome to Avaudio

Hi, my name is Aleix Vila i Canela. I am an award winning Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, Composer and Musician based in Barcelona.

Musician +Technologist + Business = Passions: Infectious Grooves & Emerging Tech.

Twelve years working in sound design, sound engineering and music composition, and over 5 years also working  in commercial, sales and customer services. Experienced in dealing with international clients. High level English. Good communication skills, used to working in a team and multicultural environments under pressure. Creative, proactive and methodical, with training in Salesforce, CRM Tools, programming and telecommunications.

Please visit my linkedin profile for details.


Goya for Alike, best short animation film. Sound Design and Engineering. (2016)

Featured Author of the Week in the Envato Music Library. (2015)

La curiosa conexión de Juanentonce y Kripton. Original Music Composition. (2010)

  • Selección oficial en el festival de cine español de Málaga.
  • Selección oficial del festival internacional de cortometrajes La boca del lobo, caras B. 
  • Tercer premio en el IV Certamen de cortos Manuel Mir Carmona.